Organisational Team and Executive Coaching

During the last 10 years many organisations have had powerful experiences of the benefits of coaching. Coaching is now recognised as a critical ingredient of any individual’s or team’s success in sport, business, leadership, entrepreneurialism, innovation, and personal development.

A coaching partnership can bridge the gap in executive professional development, opening individuals to experience greater performances, personal satisfaction and life balance. Coaching is a unique partnership that brings heart into business and gives the spirit of success to individuals.

We support organisations, teams and individuals to make changes happen at a number of levels. From Performance Coaching, where we help individuals make incremental changes in skills and behaviours, through Development Coaching, where we facilitate evolutionary changes in beliefs, values and self identify, to Tranformational Coaching, where we facilitate revolutionary changes in purpose and direction.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change leadership tools available to organisations today.

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Team Coaching

The challenges facing organisations today cannot be answered through a focus purely on individual performance.Effective teamwork is essential to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage.

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Creating a Coaching Culture

TCMP will partner with you to build effective coaching and mentoring practices that will help you to create an engaging.

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Evaluation of Coaching

TCMP understands the importance of ROI and will facilitate you to identify the standards and measures that you want in place in order to evaluate your coaching or mentoring programmes.

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