TCMP will partner with you to build effective coaching and mentoring practices that will help you to create an engaging and empowering culture. We help organisations to streamline their coaching practices by clarifying the purpose and role of coaching and by reviewing the organisational climate and the effectiveness of current coaching capability. We design and deliver training and development of in house coaches and can provide a panel of experienced external coaches to support internal coaching practices.

What is a coaching culture?

You will know you have a coaching culture when:

  • Personal growth, team development are integrated and aligned with organisational goals and the links between each are clearly understood;
  • There are effective mechanisms for enabling organisation learning and for overcoming barriers to learning;
  • People at all levels in the organisation welcome feedback, actively seek it and more importantly act on it!
  • People are able to engage in constructive and positive confrontation; Time for reflection is valued;
  • Coaching is seen as a joint responsibility of managers and their employees;
  • Coaching is seen primarily as a positive initiative rather than as a remedial intervention;
  • There are strong role models for good coaching practice across the organisation.

What can a coaching culture do for you?

The growth of both external and internal coaching has led to most organisations spending a significant amount on coaching. At its best, a coaching culture can result in big improvements in performance and employee satisfaction. At its worst, unfocussed spending with limited clarity of the desired outcome leads to executives seeing coaching as a cost rather than an investment. Poor quality of coaching and ambiguous objectives can contribute to underperformance in delivering business effectiveness, performance and results. Furthermore, it can have a negative impact on employees and the organisation’s reputation.

How we can help

We work with organisations to clarify, assess and develop their coaching culture and capability. In addition we also help organisations evaluate the effectiveness of their coaching practice and establish the return on investment (ROI) for their coaching practice. This service is delivered in 4 key stages.

Stage one: Identification of current practices and ideal outcomes
Stage two – Design and training support
Stage three – Ongoing support and evaluation