Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of the most versatile and powerful change leadership tools available to organisations today. The provision of executive coaches as part of a well designed and integrated executive coaching programme will provide you with outstanding results that ensure maximum return on investment.
It will help you:

  • facilitate the change in attitude and behaviour to ensure your people deliver the desired results
  • develop the talent and potential of your leadership
  • improve the performance and effectiveness of your managers
  • Significantly improve the organisational culture and therefore motivation of your people

Why Coaching?

Most executives today are under intense pressure to deliver. Executive coaching is a powerful and effective way to intervene in a busy executives’ life. No other medium of training or development provides as targeted, as customised or as practical an approach for achieving significant results.

Coaching allows the individual to explore the beliefs and values that underlie their attitudes and behaviour and impact on their performance. It also allows individuals to apply their learning in a supportive environment and to consider and develop new strategies and tactics for dealing with different situations.

Types of Coaching?

The type of coaching required will depend on the individual’s and the organisation’s needs. Each coaching intervention is bespoke to the individual. The type of coaching required is identified in the introductory session. While the format of coaching will depend on the clients specific requirements, the types of coaching that can be provided can be broken down into a nubmer of categories.

focused on creating incremental changes in skills and behaviours. Executive development and behavioural flexibility in areas such as performance management, communication, delegation, influencing, leadership, inspiring, negotiating, managing stress, building emotional intelligence etc. Actualising latent talents and capacities for personal and professional success.

The focus here is on creating fundamental changes to beliefs, values, and self identity. Creating flexibility in thinking styles, enhancing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (IQ), self esteem, ego strength, flexibility in demanding and diverse role identifications; Finding balance, personal meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction. Increasing relational intelligence in business, sales, leadership, life and family.

Transformational coaching is about creating revolutionary changes in purpose and direction. This type of coaching helps raise the individual’s awareness of “who” they are and how this impacts on their performance in all areas of their life. It helps the individuals create complete paradigm shifts, in life and career change, from starting up a business, exiting a business, starting and ending significant partnerships, creating a life vision, breaking through sabotaging patterns and personal limitations, etc.

Through an indepth assessment and review process each individual geta each a better understanding of the challenges facing them both in work and outside work. The use of 360° feedback helps the client become aware of how their personal style impacts on those around them. The client is then supported in developing and implementing their personal strategy for enhanced performance

Transition failure is a common phenomenon with more than 30% of newly executives leaving the company within 12 months (Corporate Leadership Council 2000). By helping newly promoted or hired executives to match their strengths to the specific requirements of the organisations onboard coaching can help the executive make immediate, significant and lasting contributions to the organisation.

Career coaching can be used to re-motivate or re-orientate a client either in their current position or in a new position. This coaching covers areas such as 360? feedback, interest inventory, career analysis, role analysis, and personal and career motivation.

The Coaching Process

While we develop all our coaching programmes a typical executive Coaching Programme consists of 8-10 one-to-one sessions, which may or may not include a series of psychometric or 360° assessment tools. These sessions take place over a period of 6-9 months. The model outlined below shows a four stage change process which the standard coaching process follows.

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