June Duffy

June Duffy is the founder and managing partner of The Coaching and Mentoring Partnership. With a background in organizational psychology, June has spent 25 years in the leadership development arena – helping managers and leaders to realise their potential and to deliver on their organisation’s strategic challenges.

June has a strong track record in Business having spent many years working for top international companies such as BP, Statoil Ireland Limited and ICL. June has also worked as an Associate Consultant with the Tavistock Institute in London. Since establishing her consultancy practice June has worked with a variety of organisations in the private and public sector in the areas of organisational and leadership development and executive coaching. She is also part of the Google, Microsoft and Central Bank of Ireland Coaching teams. She was part of Diageo’s Executive Coaching faculty, having been selected from a pool of 700 coaches worldwide. June’s other coaching clients come from companies such as – Accenture, AIB, Air Contractors Limited, Beaumont Hospital, Coke-Cola, Diageo Ireland, Google, Irish Life, Microsoft, Pioneer Investments, PwC, Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

June’s depth of business and leadership experience all inform her coaching practice. She typically works in the areas of transformational leadership change but designs coaching intervention to suit the individual and their needs. June provides a unique combination of challenge and support when working with her clients and uses a range of tools and techniques to help clients realise their own strengths, become aware of and overcome blindspots. She is focused on helping clients creating outcomes that result in authentic, sustainable and visible change.

June has an Honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Social and Organisational Psychology from UCD and a Masters in Organisational Change from the Tavistock Institute London. A Fellow of the CIPD, June is also a member of the Association for Coaching, and is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Viv McDade

Viv McDade has held leadership roles in education, financial services and IT in international corporate and SME environments. She has practical management and leadership experience in both the HR and business Arenas.

In additon to being an experienced consultant and business coach Viv has a strong track record in facilitating management/leadership development and organisation change/renewal programmes.

Viv has a B.A in English and Sociology and an Honours Degree in Organisational and Counselling Psychology (both from South Africa) and a Masters Degree in Creative Writing (Ireland). She also holds a Teaching Diploma (London) and a Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Coach Institute of Ireland.