Peak Performance Coaching


An intensive five day programme designed to build leader’s competence in delivering exceptional results for themselves, their employees and their organisations.

The programme draws on an eclectic mix of best practice from the world of psychology, counselling, NLP, business coaching, sport coaching, accelerate learning, and appreciative enquiry. Over five days you will explore a range of practices and techniques used by effective coaches to release performance in people.

You will be provided with the insights, knowledge and skills required to maximise the performance of others by unlocking their motivation, learning and development potential. You will also obtain a comprehensive range of tools to support you in the development of your coaching competence.

Peak Performance Coaching is aimed at managers, leaders, consultants who want to enhance their coaching ability without undertaking a formal diploma or degree in this area. Programme Content includes:

Introduction to Coaching

  • Characterises of high performance coaches
  • Coaching versus other models of helping
  • ROI of coaching
  • Peak Performance Coaching framework

Core Skills of Coaching

  • Building the coaching relationship
  • Core skills of
  • Models of questioning
  • Creating compelling futures
  • Building motivation and client confidence
  • Handling limiting or destructive beliefs

Deeping the client’s commitment to change

  • Tools and rituals to embed and consolidate changes
  • Exploring Contexts for Coaching
    • Onboard Coaching
    • Career Coaching
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Team Coaching
  • Being an internal coaching
  • Managing yourself as a coach
  • Team Coaching

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The Coaching and Mentoring Partnership
Maryville, Ardbrugh Road, Dalkey