Team Coaching

The challenges facing organisations today cannot be answered through a focus purely on individual performance. Effective teamwork is essential to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage. Team Coaching is a powerful process that combines individual coaching and development with team support and coaching.This process is aimed at organisations that have:

  • Disparate groups that are expected to work as a team
  • Who are going through a merger or acquisition on any process that requires teams from different background and culture to become one.
  • New Leader/Team interaction that requires better collaboration
  • Teams needing to create the Vision, Values, Strategy & Objectives

TCMP has a select group of coaches who are skilled in this work. On top of their coaching expertise they have substantial experience of working in or consulting to organisations, a profound understanding group dynamics and how to build and develop teams.

The benefits of team coaching

The benefits of team coaching for the organisation include:

  • Empowering its employees to take on responsibility, assume risks, measure outcomes and grow with achievements.
  • Accelerate the growth of the organization’s “knowledge” capital by developing internal talent.
  • Address identified gaps and development needs through coaching and stretch assignments.
  • Strengthen the organization’s ability to develop and implement new growth strategies and face new challenges.
  • Strengthen the organization with employees working cohesively together as a team towards a common goal.


How team Coaching works

Group coaching workshops are individually designed programs that enable organizations to accelerate the development of their leaders in a practical and realistic way”. Using the organisations developmental and productivity challenges we create specific workshops to enhance team effectiveness and leadership skills in achieving business objectives. Typically two experienced coaches facilitate the team process to maximize results.

Vision and Strategy Workshop

Inextricably linked to leadership and team development is the need to ensure that the organisation has a strategy and a business plan. Using a unique combination of graphic facilitation and Hoshin strategic planning methodology we support leadership teams to develop their strategic plan. The TCMP approach is differentiated from other methods by its use of a wider organisation involvement process to increase the quality, speed and likely implementation of the strategy.

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